A multi-sensory musical experience to create new mental energies



Our “Ego” is generally prone to depression

In order to make it react, it needs to be nourished through pleasant and successful experiences.

Bearing this in mind, I wish you to enjoy your journey!


Dr. Miriam Jahier is a sport psychologist and a psychotherapist. She graduated in Padua and specialized in Turin. She attended several specializing master courses in music therapy, bioenergetics and mental training in Florence and Milan.

For the last 20 years she has been dealing with anxiety and depression disorders affecting young people, families and couples. She has been coaching athletes and managers to improve their mental skills, focusing on either individual and team goals, and on managing their resources by optimizing strategies of problem solving.

The musical project was conceived as an emotional and creative experience, which engage the hearth, the body and the mind.

It acts like a “pill” that recharges, relaxes or activates the brain during the day.

The tracks can be used in two different ways; you can listen to them as a single passage, from the beginning to the end, letting yourself being carried away by this journey experience which awakes, activates, charges, strengthens, empowers our mind and develops our creativity, finally feeling restored at the end.

Or you can use each track independently, as a single experience, according to your goals.


Description of the tracks:

01 Awakening

02 Activation

03 Rhythm

04 Energizing the mind

05 Creative rest

06 Relaxation


In order to get the best from it, firstly you need to listen to the whole CD and then you can select your favourite track(s), because those will be the right ones which can help you to cope with stress and to change your emotional status.

Afterwards, you need to listen to them for at least 21 days in a row, as if they were a homeopathic remedy. In fact, 21 days is the minimum period of time that our brain requires to learn new strategies.


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